Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rental plans and information for Susee women's hostel

1. Accomodation with vegetarian food for 1 month - 3000 rupees only
             Details of food -
              a. Breakfast from 6:30 in the morning (coffee/milk included)
              b. Lunch pack for office goers or full meals from 12:00 for
                  those who stay in the hostel.
              c. Evening Tea
              d. Dinner from 7:30 in the night
              e. Milk before bed
              Facilities available -
              a. Hot water available for morning chores from 5:30AM to
              b. Purified drinking water available all the time
              c. Single cot bed for every individual, dining hall with TV
              d. Ample parking facility
              e. 24 hours security available for the hostel
              f.  Well lit airy rooms.
NOTE : Four individuals are accomodated in a room with single cot for each individual

2. Accomodation without food for a month - 2000 rupees only

3. Accomodation with food for weekly basis - 1000 rupees

4. Accomodation   without food on weekly basis - 750 rupees only

5. Accomodation with food for daily basis - 200 rupees only

6. Accomodation without food for daily basis - 150 rupees only


Mrs. Sussela  - 04442129424, 09884372450